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Re: theos-talk On Holy Ground: A New Book By Karen Kidd - History of Co-Masonic movement in the USA

Mar 15, 2011 08:52 AM
by MKR

The book is listed for $29.99 and has nearly 500 pages. When it will be
available as a pdf file, it is unclear. For many users today, when they
travel they do not want lug around bulky books and airlines are also
restricting the baggage one can carry. Hence loading a pdf file to your
netbook or notebook or laptop is the most practical thing to do. I expect
many will have both hard copies as well as pdf files. Let us wait for the
book to come out and look at the reviews.

In any case, it will have very valuable historical information about all the
developments that took place, not the least of which was the very expensive
law suit that was filed in Denver Federal Court and the plaintiffs were all
well known members of Theosophical Society in America, many of the key
plaintiffs residing of all places, at  Krotona (Annie Besant established it
as a spiritual center to help TS in America.)

Of course the plaintiffs lost both in the Federal Court as well as US Court
of Appeals and God only knows how much money was spent on lawyers, which
money could have been used to further theosophy and/or help our fellow men
and women who are in need of help. Let us wait to read the full saga.


On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 9:32 PM, MKR <> wrote:

> On Holy Ground: A New Book By Karen Kidd
> Many would be interested in a new book about Co-Masonry about the be
> published.
> Brother Karen Kidd will be releasing next month an excellent history of our
> Order. It is the first history ever to be written concerning Co-Masonry in
> General and American Co-Masonry in particular. I highly recommend it to
> anyone interested in learning more about Co-masonic movement in the USA.
> You may want to visit the FaceBook page:
> If your interested in pre-purchasing the book, On Holy Ground, you may do
> so
> at The Masonic Exchange. You will receive free shipping if you purchase
> before the release date:
> If you wish to use PayPal
> If you wish to use a
> major
> Credit Card
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