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On Holy Ground: A New Book By Karen Kidd - History of Co-Masonic movement in the USA

Mar 14, 2011 08:32 PM
by MKR

On Holy Ground: A New Book By Karen Kidd

Many would be interested in a new book about Co-Masonry about the be

Brother Karen Kidd will be releasing next month an excellent history of our
Order. It is the first history ever to be written concerning Co-Masonry in
General and American Co-Masonry in particular.  I highly recommend it to
anyone interested in learning more about Co-masonic movement in the USA.

You may want to visit the FaceBook page:

If your interested in pre-purchasing the book, On Holy Ground, you may do so
at The Masonic Exchange. You will receive free shipping if you purchase
before the release date:  If you wish to use PayPal If you wish to use a major
Credit Card


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