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Re: theos-talk Atlantis

Mar 08, 2011 09:12 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear Cass

My views are:

Maybe the following are helpful to some readers...

Circular ruins in Southern Africa
Human history on Earth cannot be separated from gold. Since the earliest of times, humans have been obsessed with gold and have been mining it in all kinds of ways. Even God, as early as Genesis 2, displays his own obsession with gold when he talks about the garden of Eden where there was gold.

There are at least 2000 ancient gold mines scattered throughout Southern Africa, in close proximity to the ruins. Many speculations have been thrown about by all and sundry about the Land of Ophir, its location and the whereabouts of Queen Sheba. Most of these speculations tend to point to southern Africa as its most likely location. "

Nabta Playa
"One of the world's earliest known examples of archeoastronomy
By the 5th millennium BC these peoples had fashioned one of the world's earliest known archeoastronomical devices (roughly contemporary to the Goseck circle in Germany and the Mnajdra megalithic temple complex in Malta. Research suggests that it may have been a prehistoric "calendar" marking the summer solstice.[3]"

"Early stone complexes in eastern Turkey
Part of a megalithic structure at GÃbekli Tepe (Turkey).

At a number of sites in eastern Turkey, large ceremonial complexes from the 9th millennium BC have been discovered. They belong to the incipient phases of agriculture and animal husbandry, from which the European (or Western) Neolithic would later develop. Large circular structures involving carved megalithic orthostats are a typical feature, e.g. at Nevali Cori and GÃbekli Tepe. Although these structures are the most ancient megalithic structures known so far, it is not clear that any of the European Megalithic traditions (see below) are actually derived from them.[6] At GÃbekli Tepe four stone circles have been excavated from an estimated 20. Some measure up to 30 metres across. The stones carry carved reliefs of boars, foxes, lions, birds, snakes and scorpions.[7]"

Maybe the dating of the findings aught to be adjusted.
What I am saying is, that if parts of southern Africa have been above water since the Lemurian times, it must be a perfect place for research on the evidence, which some people may be looking for.

M. Sufilight

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  Is it true that scientific evidence has been found?
  And why would Blavatsky have any use for knowledge of some detail of the ocean bottom - a seemingly totally irrelevant item of knowledge? Because it is a remnant of the above-water "horse-shoe" connection to the continent of Lemuria that forms another important element of her presentation of the most ancient prehistory.
  This "horse-shoe" shape becomes relevant in observing the 20th century evidence, so two more quotes are offered. They show that in the teaching of Secret Doctrine, Lemuria is the Eastern side of the horse-shoe and Atlantis is the Western part of the horse-shoe. (After Atlantis rises, Lemuria sinks, roughly speaking.)
  No confusion need arise as regards the postulation of a Northern "Lemuria." The prolongation of that great continent into the North Atlantic Ocean is in no way subversive of the opinions so widely held as to the site of the lost Atlantis, and one corroborates the other. It must be noted that the Lemuria, which served as the cradle of the Third Root-Race, not only embraced a vast area in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, but extended in the shape of a horse-shoe past Madagascar, round "South Africa" (then a mere fragment in process of formation), through the Atlantic up to Norway. ... thus corroborating the whole "horse-shoe" doctrine already enuciated. (SDii333) 
  And similarly:
  Undoubtedly a fact and a confirmation of the esoteric conception of the Lemuria which originally not only embraced great areas in the Indian and Pacific oceans, but projected round South Africa into the North Atlantic. Its Atlantic portion subsequently become the geological basis of the future home of the Fourth Race Atlanteans. (SDii781) 


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