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Electronic Publishing & Piracy - Another Evaluation

Mar 02, 2011 10:41 AM
by MKR

Electronic Publishing & Piracy - Another Evaluation

Books are going digital. The traditional publishing model is under attack
and soon we will see radical changes. Recent bankruptcy of Borders is a wake
up call and points to where traditional publishing is going.

Theosophical publishing has never been a money making venture nor TS was
started with the traditional business objectives. But, recent history
clearly demonstrates that the movers and shakers in the theosophical
publishing are simply blind to the changes taking place in the traditional
publishing model.

Here I want to remind readers specifically about the very pricey SD
Commentaries, not so cheap commentaries on Mahatma Letters, the two volume
collected writings of Hodson, and the out of print Hodsonâs Diary which
sells for as high as US$699.00.

With this background, an article published in is a timely wakeup
call to all theosophical publishers. Either they wakeup or technology will
overtake them in days to come. Here is the link to the article:

Kindle e-book piracy accelerates



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