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Electronic Publishing, piracy, writer livelyhood

Mar 02, 2011 10:18 AM
by MKR

Electronic publishing and piracy and writers making a living has been
discussed widely in various Internet forums. This issue is of interest to
many theosophists especially with the recent experience of pricey new books
and out of print books (Hodsonâs Light of Sanctuary sells for as high as
US$699.00) out of reach of most theosophists who are not fatcats. The basic
issue from the reader perspective is very simple. A writer stated:

âAs an author who has always had indie publishers, I think thereâs a strange
democratic process going on with all of this. The main thing is that readers
want to read things they canât get their hands on for one reason or another.
I think itâs really that simple.â

In a recent article on Zdnet, the author has done a good job of the
situation which is a good read for any theosophist. Link below has the full
article. There is a reference to how sale of an author's novels increased as
a result of piracy. Watch the video.

You may also want to note that one of the most pirated book is an out of
print book; which may not be of interest to old folks!

Enjoy the read:



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