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Technology and publishing - An experience

Mar 02, 2011 09:35 AM
by MKR

In another spiritual mailing list, an author announced soon to be published
book &  the wait was due to finalizing the front and back covers. I inquired
if a pdf edition is going to be available. Within minutes, I got a reply
from the author that yes it is available and do I want to review it. I
replied that, I would be glad to do it even though I was not sure I am a
scholar up to the job. The reply was instantaneous; got the pdf file as an
attachment. I will be reading it this week end give my feedback.

What this shows is the speed with which publications can be distributed
around the world with the help of Internet. Theosophy and theosophists are
meant to be at the forefront in disseminating the invaluable ancient wisdom
made available to us.

I hope theosophists don't continue to get stuck in Victorian modes of
operation and open their eyes and move with technology and make info
available to the world, efficiently and effectively. Don't we all discuss
the pricey books out of reach of most theosophists?

If there are any 'fatcats' listening, they can put their weight to turn
things around in the theosophical publishing world and they will earn a lot
of good Karma in helping this endeavor.

Hopefully quick dissemination will enable some receptive souls around the
world use the theosophical information and contribute to make the world a
better place.


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