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Geoffrey Hodson's occult diary's

Mar 02, 2011 02:52 AM
by Duane Carpenter

Did someone here mention something about Geoffrey Hodson's occult diary's being 
available from someone?
Please advise.
Best Duane

From: M. Sufilight <>
Sent: Mon, February 28, 2011 12:09:05 PM
Subject: Re: theos-talk How Masters reincarnate?

Dear MKR and friends

My views are:

I think I have mentioned it before...

"One of the many occult investigations carried out by Geoffrey Hodson was with 
samples of pre-historic ape-man in South Africa while under the guidance of 
Professor J T Robinson D.SC. of the Transvaal Museum. Here is his testimony as 
to the accuracy of Geoffrey Hodsonâs observations. âI was able to work very 
closely with Geoffrey Hodson for some months during the late fifties testing his 
clairvoyant powers on pieces of fossils of early man about two million years of 
age. He never misidentified a specimen or gave conflicting statements about a 
specimen that had been presented more than once. As far as I could determine his 
information was always accurate and he gave me a strong impression of complete 

One of our danish Alice A. Bailey / Theosophists named Soren Hauge ( ) has 
obtained a copy of the sound recordings of this experiment performed by Hodson, 
Robinson and if I remember correctly Robinsons assistent at the time. Maybe I 
can make him mail a copy, so the recordings can be avilable online? Or perhaps 
some of our readers now about the originals whereabouts?
( I think he is a member on - maybe one could ask 
him directly there.)

If I remember correctly Hodson went through as many as 198 examples in the 
experiment. Only two of them was in disagreement with the scientists of the day. 
And they were later shown to have been incorrectly researched by the scientists 

It is said that at least one of the artifacts examined by Hodson was about 1 
millon years old (!)
If this experiment is solid one might say that Hodson showed a high amount of 


A sidenote on something mentioned on another forum here in Denmark:
A present day living Initiate?

Daniel Tammet - The Boy With The Incredible Brain 1-5
Daniel Tammet

Savant syndrome

Kim Peek (also on the above Yoputube videos)

M. Sufilight

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From: MKR 
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 3:13 PM
Subject: Re: theos-talk How Masters reincarnate?

The two volume collected writings of Hodson (this is in addition to the
Light of the Sanctuary) contain very interesting material. Each volume is
nearly 900 pages and contain a lot of interesting and valuable material. It
is a pity that they did not chose to publish an electronic version. I recall
his writing of one of the Adepts who lives in Himalayas and whose body seems
to have been modified some process to that it can live on nutrition created
by Kriashakthi. There are two people in NZ who had contacts with Hodson when
he was living there and they may know of other interesting info not written
down anywhere.


On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 6:37 AM, Duane Carpenter <> wrote:

>> >
> > See:
> >
> > Summary:
> > The focus is on a relatively unknown Theosophical master who was known to
> > H.P. Blavatsky and H.S. Olcott under the name of Narayan. Around 1910
> some
> > Theosophists in Adyar thought they had met this master in the person of a
> > blind yogi named Nagaratnaswami in the little village of Tiruvallam about
> 70
> > miles west from Madras. Almost a 100 years later Jean Overton Fuller in
> her
> > biography on Krishnamurti revived this claim in the context of an
> extended
> > and open discussion she and I conducted about the Theosophical writers
> Cyril
> > Scott and David Anrias, who both provided very critical Theosophical
> > assessments of Krishnamurti.
> >
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