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Re: theos-talk Communication: Jean Overton Fuller's Response to Govert Schuller Regarding the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue

Feb 27, 2011 01:09 PM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks for your post, it is interesting because to me it tries to authenticate a Master by concrete objective means. I haven't read all of Wood's Books or the David Anrias books you cite. The "little village of Tiruvallam" made a bell ring for me, but i have to research my memory on it first. I seem to recall a Yogi named Ramalinga - Vallalar of the Golden Body, who also obtained they claim, the "Rainbow Body" that curiously the Tibetan speak of also. I have read some where of two "perpetual" Mahatma's who reside in a small village in India for centuries and have from time to time wondered if they were the real Blavatsky Mahatma's. The David Anrias psychic claim you write of is interesting to me from the aspect and view Blavatsky had in regard to the "Permanent Atoms" and the "Clusters of Force" she spoke of. This seems to be a teaching that the part of our incarnational reality that does not evaporate upon death includes also the two above elements. I recently viewed a Documentary named "The Unmistaken Child" a true documentary of how a Heart Drop Chela of a high Tibetan Monk conducted the actual search for the new child body of his Teacher, a Tulku. I have the position that what they try to "follow" are the Clusters of Force and the Permanent Atoms that are attracted to the propitious new body of the Tulku according to his prediction ( it is not the ego or the personality that incarnates, but the Clusters of Force and Permanent Atoms that later are gathered by attraction and affinity to become the restored Tulku , my personal Theory. There is a difference between the psychic induction of a will of the wisp and the above. Blavatsky apparently obtained occult training that by the paths of previous life attainments and endowments and further present life training by several sources during her life enabled her to perform many of the occult functions with the interface of the river of consciousness streams on various levels and dynamics. 

One interesting view in today's present world on Google Video's is the performances of "Luis Antonio Gasparetto" a Brazilian who Channels over 40 of the deceased Master Painters in a very interesting manner. I hold the possibility that he has the touch of contact with not the spirit or the astral, or even the ego of these Master Painters, but the Clusters of Force and Permanent Atoms of Blavatsky which he by means of the Law of Affinity contacts and establishes "Rapport" with, a bond that remains once established. Watching the Artists paint using his body and hands is revealing, the signatures of the artists match their real signatures. His eyes are closed while he paints on the paper places before him. here is a link : 

Luis Antonia Gasparetto Video's ( there are many video's on both You Tube and Google Video's) 


My idea is a real time observation in our current century and time of a Occult Operation that previews how clusters of force seem to have interface and utility is useful in order to assess the reality of it's existance and means to validate Madame Blavatsky's declairations. 

Maybe Tibet and Tulku Book has alignment also. There have been dozens of claims to have contacted the Mahatma's over the time after their "solitary agent" died but how many were an astral reality and not the real substance of the permanent atoms and clusters of force? It seems that this might be a fruitful question. So also which did Anrias have contact with? 

Best regards, 

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Subject: theos-talk Communication: Jean Overton Fuller's Response to Govert Schuller Regarding the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue 

Naperville, February 27, 2011 

Recently the following communication was published by Theosophical History: 

"Communication: Jean Overton Fuller's Response to Govert Schuller Regarding the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue." 

In the summer of 2006 I discussed with some Theosophical friends the paper on Narayan on which I was working then (1). As we knew that Jean was getting frail we came to the conclusion that it would be fair to send her my draft in order for her to be able to respond if she so wished. At that moment the basic argument of the paper, i.e. that Narayan could not be identified with Nagaratnaswami, was already fully formulated and argued. She promptly sent me a rejoinder dated August 12, 2006, with the request to have it published with the paper. 


1. [Editor's Note: The article appeared in Theosophical History, Vol. XIV, No. 1-2 (Jan.-Apr. 2008): 11-46.] 

The focus is on a relatively unknown Theosophical master who was known to H.P. Blavatsky and H.S. Olcott under the name of Narayan. Around 1910 some Theosophists in Adyar thought they had met this master in the person of a blind yogi named Nagaratnaswami in the little village of Tiruvallam about 70 miles west from Madras. Almost a 100 years later Jean Overton Fuller in her biography on Krishnamurti revived this claim in the context of an extended and open discussion she and I conducted about the Theosophical writers Cyril Scott and David Anrias, who both provided very critical Theosophical assessments of Krishnamurti. 

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