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HPB's Secret Doctrine Commentaries - Original Manuscripts

Feb 23, 2011 08:53 PM
by MKR

Everyone knows that the publication of SD Commentaries is pricey and out of
reach of most theosophists. The original transcribed manuscripts paid for by
HPB are out of copyright.

It is reported that several people were involved in the effort to transcribe
them and hence it is obvious that several photo copies of the manuscripts

If anyone who has access to the photocopies, they can either loan them or
make photocopies and make them available to me. Then they can be scanned to
pdf files and made available on Internet at no cost to anyone.

This is the fastest way to make them available for free to all our brothers
and sisters around the world who can benefit from it. I can cover the cost
of photocopying and scanning.

I am hoping to hear from theos-talk subscribers soon. Email me off list at


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