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Update on Secret Doctrine Commentaries

Feb 19, 2011 05:31 PM
by MKR

In the Internet, there has been discussions about how pricey the recently
published Secret Doctrine Commentaries is - costing nearly US$100.00.

The material is primarily the transcription of professionally recorded
stenographic discussions that H P Blavatsky had in London Lodge and the
value added by the author/editor and publisher is marginal, in the opinion
of many theosophists, and makes many wonder who and how the pricey pricing
model was developed and which is unworkable from a business standpoint
considering the minuscule market there is for it because of the number of
theosophists who can afford it.

Since disseminating information to poor and eager student of theosophy
should be the prime motivation of any theosophists at heart, attempts were
made to see if an electronic file can be released for free or for a
donation. This can be done at no cost since the book was prepared in
electronic form for the printer to print it.

It looks like electronic format availability is not going to happen any time
soon as I read in a blog:

âIt is rumored that the Theosophy Company of Los Angeles, California, may
finally come out with their edition this year and at half the price.â

While this may meet the needs of many who want to adorn a hard copy in their
book shelves and many of those who abhor electronic editions and still stuck
to print media, it still does not go to the heart of the issue of how to
disseminate and distribute theosophically valuable information efficiently
and effectively.

Unless one removes the hat of a hard-nosed businessman/woman and puts on the
hat of a theosophist at heart, one cannot open the eyes and see what is the
right thing to do.


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