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Digital Revolution and Book Publishing & Selling

Feb 16, 2011 06:29 AM
by MKR

Borders, the well known book store in the USA has filed for bankruptcy.

Read the newsreport here:


Brick-and-mortar booksellers like Borders, second in size only to Barnes &
Noble Inc. (BKS), have battled competition from Internet-only retailers such
as Inc. (AMZN) and the advent of digital books and e-readers.

Whether one likes it or not, digital revolution coupled with Internet is
delivering a knockout to traditional publishers and booksellers. This is all
the more so with niche publishers such as TPH, whose main objective is not
to make money, but to spread its message.

>From what we have seen in the recent years, theosophical publishers are a
sitting duck unaware of what is going on in the market. All it needs is to
look at the pricey HPB Commentaries, Joyâs Commentaries on Mahatma Letters,
the Judge Case book from Canada, two volume Hodsonâs collected works and the
out of print Hodsonâs Light of the Sanctuary which is selling as high as

Theosophical publishers should jump on the digital revolution or else the
revolution would take over and we may see them folding their publishing
business in the next decade.


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