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theos-talk Re: JK -assumption - The Messiah and Pope crutch...and its Descendants- smile

Feb 10, 2011 06:25 PM
by sadhak1008

--- In, "M. Sufilight" <global-theosophy@...> wrote:
> Dear friends
> My views are:
> You wrote:
> "One is encouraged soon to enquire 'who is the meditator?' rather than be stuck to some practice for a lifetime. It is here that one can see Krishnamuri's greatness in going directly to the central issue rather than dilly dally around. "

> M. Sufilight says:
> My view is a bit different. 
> I would like to say that, no matter how wellmeant they were, pseudo >advaita teachings like the ones J. Krishnamurti often promoted - >just as often rejects and eagerly emphasise the excercise of omitting -any thought of comparative studying and the idea of relating such teachings to past teachings - the most wellknown teachers of the past included. 

Yes, your understanding of 'teachings' is indeed different to say the least. The truly great teachers have never placed much value on book learning by any means. To that extent, Krishnamurti is certainly in exalted company. And I don't think the intent of the TS and its founders was to promote comparative book learning exercises worldwide  and stop there. If that were the case, the TS would be just another library! Perhaps that is what it became.

>>A human being can learn from anything 

Very true which in fact is a repetition of what Krishnamurti emphasized. To be stuck on a particular person or book is to stop learning (from life).

>Even J. Krishnamurti can be seen as a crutch.

Yes-which he has warned hundreds of times.

> "The Theosophical Society is absolutely unsectarian, and no assent to any formula of belief, faith or creed shall be required as a qualification of membership; but every applicant and member must lie in sympathy with the effort to create the nucleus of an Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. "

Brotherhood cannot coexist with hierarchies and a rigid Master/chela structure. It is meaningless to talk of Brotherhood from the stage for a few minutes and then spend the rest of the week fighting, bickering and plotting somebody's downfall. Everybody knows what has been going on actually. Let us be honest with ourselves. Dishonesty and false propaganda is not religion.

See what happened after Krishnamurti dissolved the order in 1929. For a few years after that, he continued to speak at the annual TS conventions in Adyar. Then he was not invited anymore and no reason was given. He did not enter the campus for about 50 years. But during this time many TS presidents visited him at his residence just across the bridge in Adyar. He was welcoming and friendly. Common courtesy and decency required that he be invited to TS but it never happened. I recall in the 70s when I visited Adyar the then President would regularly attend Krishnamurti talks with a large number of members. Some also met him in personal interviews. Still there was no decorum to reciprocate. After seeing all this, I could only laugh at these people when they spoke of Brotherhood from the podium! And trying to cling to their Masters and their sacred teachings for dear life. Forget 6000 acres, a castle and a large following, they would be unable to give up a wrist watch. Even a broken one! To her credit, the current President took some corrective measures belatedly in the 80s. Krishnamurti was again invited and he visited the campus a few times before his death. 

I am no expert on sacred books and Masters, materializations and flying carpets. But even I am able to see who is genuine and who are the phonies. And who is more qualified to talk about genuine Brotherhood.

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