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Re: Free will and karma

Feb 08, 2011 02:01 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

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> Do free will and karma conflict?

1. The free will shouldn't be confused with freedom of action. When we are in the jail, it's our freedom of action is limited, not free will.

2. As Tzonkhapa taught, only the third kind of karma, the prarabdha, is imminent. The other types can be postponed or even cancelled. It's our kleshas which convert sanchita karma into prarabdha, and freeing of kleshas we are freeing of karma. Be it otherwise, liberation would be impossible, for we have thoudsnds of lives behind when we created karma, and it would demand the same number of absolutely saint lives to compensate all of it, what it obviously impossible. (Black magicians contrive to postpone karma, the followers of good law are freeing of it).

3. As spirit and matter are two poles of one reality, so the free will and predestination. The first is akin to spirit, the letter is akin to matter. The simple newtonic mechanics teaches us predestination. But when we rise even a little on the scale of matter, to the etheric subplanes, the quantum physics shows us that the elementary particles demonstrate rudimentary free will, and path of any electron cannot be predicted, though if we take many of them they shall fit into some statistic formula. The more man is immensed to matter, the more he is slave of predestination, the more he ascended to spirit the more is he near to absolute freedom.

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