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theos-talk Re: The Messiah and Pope crutch...and its Descendants- smile

Feb 04, 2011 11:30 AM
by sadhak1008

-- In, "Govert Schuller" <schuller@...> wrote:
> Sadhak asked:
> "Do these folks have a memo to this effect from Maitreya as well?!"
> To which I can answer: Yes, they do!

I knew they would! I am waiting for somebody to say they dont. Now that amount of honesty would sure surprise me!
> You who have studied the horoscope of Krishnamurti know that he is incapable of compromising with the past; also that he was reinforced 

Unfortuntely his horoscope has been studied and analysed by many renowned astrologers in both India and the west. While they have all generally agreed on the uniqueness/greatness nobody has even come close to saying it was a horoscope incapable of this or that. So this seems another dubious piece of work. No surprises here!

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