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theos-talk Re: The Messiah and Pope crutch...and its Descendants- smile

Feb 04, 2011 04:26 AM
by sadhak1008

> sadhak1008 wrote:
> "Sheesh! The least these people could have done before sticking their collective feet in their mouth was to listen to a great Advaita master like Ramana Maharshi. He found the same Krishnamurti teachings to be beyond his expression. Seems for most of these characters in this article, it was way beyond their comprehension."
> M. Sufilight says:
> Can you positively verify that Ramana Maharshi found Krishnamurti teachings to be beyond his expression?

You can verify this yourself. It is what he said about Krishnamurti's teachings in response to a question. In the context of the Buddha's teaching no less!

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