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Re: theos-talk Electronic copy of Cranston's Bio of Blavatsky

Feb 04, 2011 02:11 AM
by John W

I have had a thorough search on the internet for it, but there seems to be nothing to indicate that Sylvia Cranston's biography was EVER available as a PDF download (or even as a DOC, RTF, CHM, HTML, or DJVU file). It was published in 1993 and 1994, and the author lived from 1915 to 2000. Its full title is "the Extraordinary Life And Influence Of Helena Blavatsky". It does not seem to be on the ebook sites and , which are closed sites requiring secure log-in with a password.

In my search, I found these obscure PDFs which may be of interest: 691 Kb ; 78 Kb - H P Blavatsky's Magic - Real Or Fake?,%20Helena%20Petrowna%20-%20Studies%20in%20Occultism%20(1891).pdf  446 Kb ; 515 Kb  (1889)

John W.

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      As I recall, some time ago Cranston's bio was available on line and is no

longer now. Has anyone happened to download the electronic copy when it was

available? What is the current status?




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