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General Council Meeting Update?

Feb 02, 2011 09:26 PM
by MKR

The last meeting of the General Council took place on December 25, 2010. As
usual, no one has seen the Agenda as it is treated de facto as top-secret.

It is more than a month since the meeting. Almost all the GC members from
outside India  traveled to Adyar with travel paid for by the Sections and it
is the money coming out of the pockets of poor theosophists around the

Till today, we have not seen any comments from any of them about what items
were discussed and what they accomplished at the meeting. One gets the
feeling that the Section leaders continue to take members for granted and
keep them in the dark, which does not serve the purpose of theosophy, TS or
its members. Probably, keeping members in the dark works to the benefit of
the GC and its members. Who knows, since we are all in the dark.

On this topic, we are all reminded how ultra secretly, couple of years ago,
a handful of GC members made an ill fated attempt to disenfranchise all of
us in the greatest secrecy. Having witnessed it, we all have to be vigilant
because we do not know what to expect from the GC members.

Hopefully, some of them would soon speak up and keep members informed.


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