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Re: theos-talk Re: The Messiah and Pope crutch...and its Descendants- smile

Feb 01, 2011 10:33 AM
by M. Sufilight

In writing or on my mind?
Sometimes it is better that some of us do the work on such a comparative study ourselves.
Sometimes it is good to omit writing such a study on a forum, sometimes not.

If you want me to write it, It will require some time.
I plan to write something like that later.
This will however just be one view among many which could or can be presented on such a subject.

If I succeed, I will have to touch upon whether (and to what extend) the persons involved deviated from the Original Programe of the Theosophical Society, which had as one of its Objects to " to reconcile all religions, sects and nations under a common system of ethics, based on eternal verities." (The Theosophist, 1879 Vol I, no. 1 - and also - The Key to Theosophy 2nd edition, 1890,  page 3) ----- and THEREFORE ALSO all present day Theosophical Branches included (!) - because altruism was from the very beginning the core of theosophy!!!

I have however written parts of it on this forum through the years.
I think I in part have compared Alice A. Bailey with HPB, Krishnamurti with HPB, Leadbeater with HPB earliere on on this forum. If all details are needed I think it will fill volumes.
But I have as far as I remember not done much on comparing Cyril Scott with HPB or Krishnamurti, or Besant-Leadbeater etc. etc.

Comparing them in my mind I have to a certain extend.

M. Sufilight

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  Dear Sufilight,

  You wrote:

  "The following words by Cyril Scott in his book "The Initiate - in the Dark Cycle" vol. no. III, 1932 - might to - some honest Seekers - be of interest to contemplate - and - then very carefully compare to other theosophical branches and off-shoots (ULT's, Pasadena's, Besant-Leadbeater inclined, Krishnamurtian's, Alice A. Bailey's, Guy Ballards etc. etc.)."

  Could you demonstrate such kind of comparative analysis? And I mean
  analysis and not a collation of quotations from various authors.



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