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Blavatsky's "Croos and Fire" related to - Dzyan Stanzas - FOHAT

Jan 24, 2011 09:41 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

I write the below to seeking to be of service to the theosophical cause as I have learned it.
I do not seek to promote the view that people should cling to dead-letters and supperstitions and prejudices in the below. Quite the opposite is the aim.

There is an interesting article by H. P. Blavatsky named
"If, then, we find these two-the Cross and the Fire-so closely associated in the esoteric symbolism of nearly every nation, it is because on the combined powers of the two rests the whole plan of the universal laws. In astronomy physics, chemistry, in the whole range of natural philosophy, in short, they always come out as the invisible cause and the visible result; and only metaphysics and alchemy-or shall we say Metachemistry, since we prefer coining a new word to shocking sceptical ears?-can fully and conclusively solve the mysterious meaning. An instance or two will suffice for those who are willing to think over hints.
The Central Point, or the great central sun of the Kosmos, as the Kabalists call it, is the Deity. It is the point of intersection between the two great conflicting powers-the centripetal and centrifugal forces, which drive the planets into their elliptical orbits, that make them trace a cross in their paths through the Zodiac. These two terrible, though as yet hypothetical and imaginary powers, preserve harmony and keep the Universe in steady, unceasing motion; and the four bent points of the Svastika typify the revolution of the Earth upon its axis." 

H. P. Blavatsky wrote:
"Svastika (Sk.). In popular notions, it is the Jaina cross, or the "four-footed" cross (croix cramponnée). In Masonic teachings, "the most ancient Order of the Brotherhood of the Mystic Cross" is said to have been founded by Fohi, 1,027 B.C., and introduced into China fifty-two years later, consisting of the three degrees. In Esoteric Philosophy, the most mystic and ancient diagram. It is "the originator of the fire by friction, and of the ' Forty-nine Fires'." Its symbol was stamped on Buddha's heart, and therefore called the " Heart's Seal". It is laid on the breasts of departed Initiates after their death ; and it is mentioned with the greatest respect in the Râmâyana. Engraved on every rock, temple and prehistoric building of India, and wherever Buddhists have left their landmarks; it is also found in China, Tibet and Siam, and among the ancient Germanic nations as Thor's Hammer. As described by Eitel in his Hand-Book of Chinese Buddhism. . (1) it is "found among Bonpas and Buddhists"; (2) it is "one of the sixty-five figures of the Sripâda" ; ( it is "the symbol of esoteric Buddhism" ; (4) "the special mark of all deities worshipped by the Lotus School of China". Finally, and in Occultism, it is as sacred to us as the Pythagorean Tetraktys, of which it is indeed the double symbol."
(The Theosophical Gloassary, posthumously 1892)

In the above article and words from the glossary, we find that Blavatsky mentions something which as far as I read it can be connected with FOHAT.

Maybe some members at The Theosophical Network forum ( ) would like to know about this article.

A sidenote:
Just so that the readers know it: I am - for the time being - not posting at that The Theosophical Network forum because, my emails sometimes suddenly get deleted without prior warning, and this without any open and official moderation, and with completely unfair accusations attached to them by the moderators in charge. (This on the self same forum with the following rule: "Please be respectful of the viewpoints of others, even if you disagree with them. We cannot all agree, but we can agree to disagree." - Hopefully the moderators themselves are bound to this rule. - This rule does not seem to imply that those who act hurt all the time should show disrespect to those who do not act hurt all the time. Anything can hurt anyone if one decides it to be so.) - Moderators who act like the Pope in Rome (and who silence people) will never be in accordance with the original aims of the Theospophical Society - and clearly have dificulties in claiming that they base their activities on altruism - well that is my view. - Another issue: Old posts, some of them written by me, seem suddenly after months of existence to have been deleted on The Theosophical Network forum as well, without aksing me or notifying the members in an official manner. Some of you might remember that the The Theosophical Network forum sprang from members of Theos-talk. And remember how my name was introduced among the founders of The Theosophical Network forum - and that it was done without asking me about it. I had to ask the moderators to delete my name among the named founders of the forum The Theosophical Network, becuase I found its extremely loose Constitution to clearly deviate from the original lines upon which the Theosophical Scoiety was based in 1875-1891. (Theosophy is the exact science on psychology - and therefore also the exact science on psychology about anti-cults and about the problems Mind Control, (a psychological term), creates. The core of Theosophy is altruism.) 

I suggest that we improve ourselves, myself included, while building our activities on a solid rock of altruism and not on muddy-sand.


H. P. Blavatsky wrote:
"Moreover, we have given good proofs of our impartiality. We published articles and letters criticizing not alone our personal theosophical and philosophical views, but discussing on subjects directly concerned with our personal honour and reputation; reviving the infamous calumnies in which not simple doubts, but distinctly formulated charges of dishonesty were cast into our teeth and our private character was torn to shreds (Vide "A Glance at Theosophy from the Outside," Lucifer for October, 1888). And if the editor will never shrink from what she considers her duty to her readers, and that she is prepared to throw every possible light upon mooted questions in order that truth should shine bright and hideous lies and superstitions be shown under their true colours-why should our contributors prove themselves so thin-skinned?

Now we know that the Theosophical Society had a motto:

So why shout the truth down?

Thank you for sharing some thoughts with me.

M. Sufilight

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