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Re: Root Races

Jan 13, 2011 00:29 AM
by email2cal

In my opinion, the concepts of Root Races and races, whether old or
present-day ones, may be reconciled if we draw clear distinction
between the outer man and the inner man. The conventional notion of
races relies on genetically transmitted physical characteristics, in
particular on the color of skin. On the other hand, the
characteristics of the inner man are of a different nature (astral,
mental, buddhic, etc.), they are stored in "permanent atoms" (held
within the egoic envelope) rather than in genes, and are transmitted via
such mechanisms as karma,
egoic management of consecutive incarnations, etc. It is difficult to
find in the conventional theosophical literature a coherent
description of how it works, but Steiner explained the issues of the
inner man configuration, the evolution of racial types, and so forth
in great detail and with great clarity.

Keeping in mind that what really matters is the inner man, it becomes
clear that if, for example, a Fifth Root Race ego incarnates in a
Fourth Root Race body he or she should be counted as a Fifth Root
Race individuality and his or her color of skin or physical
constitution are almost irrelevant. I don't think such interracial
incarnations were pretty common in the days of old theosophical
authors, but they began to occur frequently in the middle of the 20th
century. We see around us and on TV news westerners who meditate and
search for a guru and oriental types who dream of a car or a house
and in general look as if they were transplanted from the West (which
probably they are).


--- In, Carol Merritt <carolamerritt@...>
> Early in my Theosophical career, a well-spoken, intelligent and
> sincerely spiritual black man regularly attended our meetings.  One
day, he
> asked the meaning of Root Races, and he was met with several poor
> Most of the people went silent, hoping someone else would answer.  He
> came back.
> This scenario has repeated several times since, and I have become
> convinced that our early authors have misinterpreted this teaching.  I
> believe in the Root Races, but I don't think it is right to identify
> present-day people with them.  It must refer to ancient peoples whom
> know only by the fossil record.

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