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Re: theos-talk Purchases via referrals from websites

Jan 08, 2011 04:08 AM
by James Stewart

For some sellers, their rules are that an associate cannot say they are 
getting a cut of the profits! The penalty is that you will no longer be 
able to offer their products or get referral fees!!

Jim Stewart
Rudolf Steiner Archive

On 1/8/2011 1:21 AM, MKR wrote:
> Many of the theosophical classics are now available for free on Internet.
> However, from time to time, some websites dealing with theosophical
> literature, will provide links to book sellers such as ebay, Amazon, 
> Albiris
> etc. While this information is useful, in many cases, when you visit these
> sellers thru these websites, it is quite possible the sellers offer a
> referral fee of some sort. While this is perfectly legal and helps to
> support the websites which do a wonderful job, I think in all fairness,
> there should a disclosure of these websites making money on referrals. Net
> time you visit any of the websites, look for any indication that they are
> being rewarded either for your visit or your purchase of a book or
> publication.
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Jim Stewart

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