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Re: adepts in the Greco-Roman world

Jan 08, 2011 00:37 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:

> Did he and German Section not split from TS when Besant announced JK
> to be the future vehicle of the coming Teacher?

It is the half of the truth, and the less significant one. Even before Krishnamurti was found he had the plans to secede. He believed that coming of Jesus Christ was the greatest event in human history, while most theosophists hold theory of cyclic avataras (though not all, including me, believe that Krishnamurti was one of them). When Order of the Star was founded, Steiner declined to admit its members to Theosophical Society, what was a violation of Rules, for he had no right to discriminate for religious views, no matter how foolish they were. Even earlier he didn't admit to the German Section people whose views and even "occult qualities" he didn't like. Noteworthy that old HPB-times theosophist Hubbe-Schleiden didn't support him.

Pisareva, who was a great Steiners fan in the beginning, wrote in her memoirs:

"In 1907 we with Anna Kamensky and the group of Russian theosophists came to the 4th European theosopical congress in Munchen. This congress made very bad impression on us. All the German Section headed by Dr. Steiner has radically changed its attitude to A. Besant.
M. Sievers, and then all the others became fanatical adherents of Steiner and believed that it was he, who should be the head of all theosophical movement, displacing Annie Besant. They abruptly broke all friendly relations with me, for I remained loyal to her."

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