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Jan 07, 2011 09:49 AM
by thalprin

Pyhtgoras is another person I have some strong opinions about - looks to me like he's been spilt in two; half to the universities and half to a religious spiritual system a/o discipline/practice.  I'm all for spirituality a/b there's a whole religious/religion type thang he's attributed with.  And while I really am apt to think/feel he'd do a civic school/community, advanced in its thinking (being and doing), I really have a hard time fathoming how it is that he was, spiritually, darn near a very serious religionist. 

Every time that stuff comes up I think huh.     

It's really interesting.  At any rate, Socrates and Pythagoras seem to have shared a simi fate, in that they've living names, recognized and celebrated for their canvases, their mental/emotional knowledge/keen a/b they're also people for whom we have not actually a word from their mouths.  

It's really ironic I think.


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