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Art Example,

Jan 06, 2011 05:47 PM
by thalprin

I'll give you another example.  For example, I like to buy art - especially so original works, 1800s sure, if/when it's possible.

Now when I do, most times, I not only have the option of placing/selling that piece A/B copyrighting that art (too) as an original image.  That doesn't mean I could place my name on it, what it means is that I'd own, entirely, all rights to its image.  The only person/s who could argue a/o legally contest/halt my claim would be the artist' descendent/s a/o their estate AND if I didn't/don't and show it it could be that another would, and at that time I'd be the person with possesion/ownership, aka the ability to revoke that claim, unless or until I sold the piece.

Copyrights can be a very funny thang.


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