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Re: theos-talk I get a big kick out of cruising through the books that are publishing

Jan 06, 2011 05:40 PM
by MKR

SD can be downloaded for free online. Why would anyone pay to get it on
Kindle, unless you won Amazon Stock or a cat fat with a lot of money and do
know what to do.

The old saying that all the good things in life are free, even though in
Kaliyuga everyone tries to make a buck on everything.

Theosophists beware!

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 7:20 PM, thalprin <> wrote:

> I get a big kick out of cruising through the books that are publishing,
> especially in 1990-2000+ and say author: HPB and _____, for example.
> Man, that's funny.
> These recent books would all be copywritten (unless author/publisher
> specifies otherwise) - the Secret Doctrine, her original, that book for
> example, sh/would be public property but that doesn't necc. mean that its
> content a/o her work (next edition/new printing/so on and so forth) is, or
> isn't sharing the same fate as the Happy Birthday song starting back a few
> years ago.
> It's a revenue means/stream and has been continually published since its
> first edition that'd be my guess, and that's how it looks.
> So, at first blush it looks to me like a lot of early material may be in a
> grey zone, of two camps; as in public a/b not public at all -
> Sometimes such happens simply because there's a tending to ride on the
> backs of great works when/if a steady stream of great new works isn't
> happening - and, classics are classics and they never/rarely want to let go
> of those, in that if someone will buy, publishers will want to be selling
> more copies/versions.
> Gotta watch over your materials (yer copyrights and intellectual
> properties, and heh yer/their 'futures') pretty carefully, especially these
> days, to ensure that however the Society wants/wanted its materials handled
> is actually what happens or has happened, especially so with its own
> founders.
> Only by studying the Society' early print policies will anyone know what
> policies regarding their written materials the Society and its founders had
> in mind.
> Terrie

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