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I get a big kick out of cruising through the books that are publishing

Jan 06, 2011 05:20 PM
by thalprin

I get a big kick out of cruising through the books that are publishing, especially in 1990-2000+ and say author: HPB and _____, for example.

Man, that's funny.

These recent books would all be copywritten (unless author/publisher specifies otherwise) - the Secret Doctrine, her original, that book for example, sh/would be public property but that doesn't necc. mean that its content a/o her work (next edition/new printing/so on and so forth) is, or isn't sharing the same fate as the Happy Birthday song starting back a few years ago.

It's a revenue means/stream and has been continually published since its first edition that'd be my guess, and that's how it looks.

So, at first blush it looks to me like a lot of early material may be in a grey zone, of two camps; as in public a/b not public at all - 

Sometimes such happens simply because there's a tending to ride on the backs of great works when/if a steady stream of great new works isn't happening - and, classics are classics and they never/rarely want to let go of those, in that if someone will buy, publishers will want to be selling more copies/versions.

Gotta watch over your materials (yer copyrights and intellectual properties, and heh yer/their 'futures') pretty carefully, especially these days, to ensure that however the Society wants/wanted its materials handled is actually what happens or has happened, especially so with its own founders.

Only by studying the Society' early print policies will anyone know what policies regarding their written materials the Society and its founders had in mind.


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