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Re: theos-talk The Thing about Plato,

Jan 05, 2011 09:10 AM
by Drpsionic

The only thing we can learn from Socrates is that letting your friends tell 
 you that the hemlock is really blowfish toxin and twelve hours later you 
will  wake up and be acclaimed as a god is not a good thing to do as it means 
they are  playing a very nasty prank on you.  Plato was just a ridiculous 
windbag and  that anyone could take his nonsense seriously is one of the 
greater  mysteries.
Chuck the Heretic  

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I think we all can learn from everyone including Plato &  Socrates.

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>  What do you think about Plato?
> He was brilliant, no doubt,  popular too, a/b Socrates would've never 
> a book like The  Republic, with all its social engineering; and those were
> important  matters at that time, that continues to be my opinion.
> On one  hand, I think he was/is really brilliant a/b on the other hand, I
>  realize that he's speaking, supposedly, for someone else. He said; he  
> he said.... And, in addition to that, I have a problem with a  man who
> besmearches another man's wife, because, well, you know and  supposedly,
> that's what he would've said. Sometimes things like that  have real 
> certainly, they're sensational.
> I'm  a big fan of Socrates. He's dear to my heart, I love that guy who,
>  basically, was kill for his stance - how am I to believe that's the  very
> same stance, or point of view, that got Plato massages into his  80s, and 
> living name in Philosophy.
> Dunno, a/b  brilliant or not I continue to have some serious reserv_ations
> about  the way Plato' work adds up; that's just how I feel.
>  Terrie

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