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Re: theos-talk TPH out of print publications

Jan 04, 2011 03:49 PM
by MKR

You are right. This is something that can be done.

Talking about good libraries, some of the best are in India, especially for
old books. Today, scanners are easily available in India and some sort of
organized attempt can be made. Let us see how things develop.


On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 11:43 AM, Konstantin Zaitzev <>wrote:

> Re: theos-talk Light of the Sanctuary, by Geoffrey Hodson
> MKR wrote:
> > A search of Amazon showed a used copy for $393.48. Some one must be
> fatcat
> > to pay this price for the book. Looks like this is one more reason why
> > electronic copy should be available.
> You in America are in somewhat privileged position. Many lodges are old and
> have in their libraries many rare books. If each member would scan one book,
> the problem would soon be solved.
> > Let us hope the organizations will raise up to the current challenge; if
> > not, scanners and volunteers are going to get the job done in short
> order.
> Canadian Theosophical Associeation took up this job but it seemed to be an
> individual project of its late president Duguay, for after his death the
> project was discontinued. He even began with Lucifer, but only several
> issues were scanned.
> The backup copy of his old site is available here:

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