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Quest Books and Electronic Editions

Jan 04, 2011 12:02 PM
by MKR

I called Quest Books today and inquired about the availability of
electronic editions of the books they have published and was told none is
available. This surprised me a lot. When the whole industry is moving
towards digital and electronic delivery, theosophical books should move in
the same direction. If a theosophist living in Timbuktoo wants to get hold
of a copy of a publication of Quest, it would be almost impossible. On the
other hand, if a digital copy is available, it can be downloaded within
minutes and almost for free. Most theosophists are not rich and this is one
more help we can give in their theosophical studies. It is time that movers
and shakers responsible to make publishing decisions need to come up to
speed with technology and help theosophists.


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