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The Thing about Plato,

Jan 04, 2011 12:01 PM
by thalprin

What do you think about Plato?  

He was brilliant, no doubt, popular too, a/b Socrates would've never wrote a book like The Republic, with all its social engineering; and those were important matters at that time, that continues to be my opinion.  

On one hand, I think he was/is really brilliant a/b on the other hand, I realize that he's speaking, supposedly, for someone else.  He said; he said; he said....  And, in addition to that, I have a problem with a man who besmearches another man's wife, because, well, you know and supposedly, that's what he would've said.  Sometimes things like that have real motives; certainly, they're sensational.   

I'm a big fan of Socrates. He's dear to my heart, I love that guy who, basically, was kill for his stance - how am I to believe that's the very same stance, or point of view, that got Plato massages into his 80s, and a living name in Philosophy.

Dunno, a/b brilliant or not I continue to have some serious reservations about the way Plato' work adds up; that's just how I feel.


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