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Out of print books from Quest Books

Jan 04, 2011 09:29 AM
by MKR

There are quite a few books published by Quest Books which were out of print
and so there was no way for anyone to get a copy. This morning when I found
out that Quest Books have embarked on a program of Print On Demand for these
out of print books. This is a good move so that anyone who needs a hard copy
can get one. What is surprising is that news like this should be widely
publicised to members and readers.

While this is a move in the right direction, still it does not address the
basic question of books available in electronic form. What do you do when
you need an electronic copy for situations such as reading material while on
travel or vacation or even reference when writing a message on your
computer? The only current alternative is to scan the book, which is quite
easy with today's scanners. Once a book is scanned, it is more likely to be
exchanged with friends who have a need and this is something that cannot be
stopped. If you cannot beat the crowd, just join the crowd. Make electronic
copies available for free on Internet.

Publishing entities are a sitting duck in today's scanner dominated world.
If the movers and shakers do not do the right thing, scanners would do the
job for them.


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