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Re: theos-talk When profit is more important than real people,

Jan 03, 2011 10:52 PM
by Cass Silva

Was it Plato that said capitalism is a naturally occuring phenomena of democracy? In other words Democracy has its own seeds of destruction within it.

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You are right. That is how most theosophists view life.

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> I don't think capitalism was supposed to be the American Ideal.
> I think 'free market' was supposed to be our standard, as a medium of
> exchange. America, its Constitution, its dream as a country, its
> freedoms/liberties, that was, I think, the American ideal.
> The thing is, capitalism/free market, it's like playing Monopoly a/b it
> ain't much of a game or a game that can be played when/if it can't be
> played, is rigged, isn't for everybody a/o only the bank can play it freely.
> Structurally, there are some serious problems that'll have to be addressed
> and fixed or fine-tuned, but I remember a day when a business owner would've
> been ashamed to show his face at the club ifn he hadn't provided good wage
> and insurance for his employees. I remember when America had its ideals, its
> pride of country, its sense of brotherhood/family AND building something
> good - a young nation with such a bright new future.
> Now we see begin to see some of our infrastructure crumbling, the welfare
> of the American people slipping AND noone wants to talk about, for example,
> caps on upper wealth. I think if the leaders of commerce and industry can't
> control their greed/glutony (need for power and wealth, ego/control) that
> they should have some help; cap the wealth and funnel it into charity;
> people and infrastructures with real needs.
> In fact, do you notice the many wealthy who are doing charities -
> abundance, it is a matter about how you balance your sense of humanity with
> you sense of game/role playing. However you play it; no game is more
> important than the lives of real people.
> They, the great great grand children of industry/commerce seem to learn
> this lesson (about the social responsibilities of position) every 100 years
> or so; the whole don't over fish a stream and expect to go fishing next week
> thang. When/if you fish you know or should know about that AND restocking
> too as a means of preserving the ecology and ensuring your environment as a
> reliable source.
> So, what does a Merchant class (entertaining its own empire-pomp) do to
> solve its problems; dunno, but Empire is always a slippery road.
> Terrie

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