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When profit is more important than real people,

Jan 03, 2011 05:38 PM
by thalprin

I don't think capitalism was supposed to be the American Ideal.  

I think 'free market' was supposed to be our standard, as a medium of exchange.  America, its Constitution, its dream as a country, its freedoms/liberties, that was, I think, the American ideal.

The thing is, capitalism/free market, it's like playing Monopoly a/b it ain't much of a game or a game that can be played when/if it can't be played, is rigged, isn't for everybody a/o only the bank can play it freely.

Structurally, there are some serious problems that'll have to be addressed and fixed or fine-tuned, but I remember a day when a business owner would've been ashamed to show his face at the club ifn he hadn't provided good wage and insurance for his employees.  I remember when America had its ideals, its pride of country, its sense of brotherhood/family AND building something good - a young nation with such a bright new future.  

Now we see begin to see some of our infrastructure crumbling, the welfare of the American people slipping AND noone wants to talk about, for example, caps on upper wealth.  I think if the leaders of commerce and industry can't control their greed/glutony (need for power and wealth, ego/control) that they should have some help; cap the wealth and funnel it into charity; people and infrastructures with real needs.

In fact, do you notice the many wealthy who are doing charities - abundance, it is a matter about how you balance your sense of humanity with you sense of game/role playing.  However you play it; no game is more important than the lives of real people. 

They, the great great grand children of industry/commerce seem to learn this lesson (about the social responsibilities of position) every 100 years or so; the whole don't over fish a stream and expect to go fishing next week thang.  When/if you fish you know or should know about that AND restocking too as a means of preserving the ecology and ensuring your environment as a reliable source.

So, what does a Merchant class (entertaining its own empire-pomp) do to solve its problems; dunno, but Empire is always a slippery road.



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