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TPH out of print publications

Jan 03, 2011 03:53 PM
by MKR

TPH out of print publications

There are many out of print publications of great value to theosophists
around the world. Reprinting them is not feasible either due to financial or
other reasons. In the circumstances, how do you address the issue of making
them available to eager theosophists who want to get hold of them. Doing
nothing is not an option; especially at a time when the membership is
steadily declining in most countries.

It is here that bold out of box thinking is needed. The prime job of TS is
propagate theosophy and make theosophical material available to the world.
Making money in every move should not be the objective. This may sound
unwise to anyone trained to think like a businessman or businesswomen.

Today we have the technology to address the above situation. Books can be
scanned and converted to PDF files very inexpensively, if done by dedicated
volunteers. This was recently proven by the uploading of early issues of
Theosophist, Lucifer and The Path magazines on This
effort was done in a very short time without the direct or indirect
involvement of any theosophical organization. May be because no organization
was involved, the project was completed within weeks.

Now it is the turn of theosophical organizations. Instead of trying to
publish pricey books, out of reach of common man and woman, it is time to
scan the out-of-print books and make them available on Internet for FREE.

Let us hope the organizations will raise up to the current challenge; if
not, scanners and volunteers are going to get the job done in short order.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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