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Light of the Sanctuary, by Geoffrey Hodson

Jan 03, 2011 01:24 PM
by MKR

There was an inquiry about the subject book. From what I can find, it is not
available from TPH/Quest Books. I have sent a email to the publisher - TPH,
Philippines and let us see if it is available from them. As far as I know,
no electronic edition available either.

I think it is time for the TPH to start looking for a new model for
distributing their books. Books fall into two broad categories; Theosophical
and others. Theosophical books are more likely to be purchased only by
theosophists and generally the public is not interested. This being the
case, the potential market is limited. Also most of the theosophists are not
rich people and hence making theosophical books available in electronic form
is a real need. From what we have seen, theosophical publishers seem not to
have paid much attention to this aspect. Paying attention to this issue will
only help to get our message out and has the potential of bringing in
dedicated volunteers to theosophical work.


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