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Re: theos-talk The Occult History of Java, by C.W Leadbeater . anyone knows??

Jan 02, 2011 01:06 PM
by MKR

If anyone knows of an electronic version of the book, pl post a link. I
would let Krishna decide what he wants to do with it. Since it is a very
short publication, scanning should be a piece of cake once a copy is found.


On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 2:10 PM, M. Sufilight

> Dear Krishna
> Well, I could not find an online edition, although there might be one
> hidden somewhere.
> Maybe some kind soul would like to scan the book and put it online -
> although I do not myself see any reason what so ever to promote a book like
> that?
> I did however read the following - rahter controversial notes:
> "However, Leadbeater did not like the
> proposed ritual, and submitted it to Arundale for revision. The final
> material was said to constitute 'the most powerful occult ritual in the
> world'. The seven girls were kept busy rehearsing their parts in it to
> ensure that they were perfect for the day when the Egyptian Rite (ER) would
> be inaugurated in the Co-Masonic Temple at Adyar. This was done in 1929,
> after the ES had been reopened. The Ritual was formally issued on Christmas
> Day, 1931, bearing the imprimatur of Mrs Besant as Grand Master, and a
> solemn warning from Arundale, as Grand Secretary, that the ritual text was
> the property of the 'SS' (presumably the Sovereign Sanctuary) and 'must be
> returned on demand and provision must be made for the return on the death
> of the member'. When not in actual use, the ritual should be kept under
> lock
> and key."
> But, I would not think much of it myself.
> Smile.
> M. Sufilight
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> Subject: theos-talk The Occult History of Java, by C.W Leadbeater . anyone
> knows??
> Hi, I'm newbie...
> I can't speak English sory for my writings error.
> I found difficult to get "The Occult History of Java" book by C.W
> Leadbeater...
> I've search via internet at Theosophical Publishing House,,,but it aren't
> there...
> In my country theres some problem about airmail,verification, sending and
> receiving post from another country (due to high activity of hackers)...
> so I tried to find in digital version (because I dont have to deal with
> unpleasant service, verification etc in my post office)
> ...but it comes with nothing...
> where do I find such source providing digital version of that book?
> thankyou very much...
> Namaste
> Krishna
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