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Re: theos-talk The Occult History of Java, by C.W Leadbeater . anyone knows??

Jan 02, 2011 12:10 PM
by M. Sufilight

Dear Krishna

Well, I could not find an online edition, although there might be one hidden somewhere.

Maybe some kind soul would like to scan the book and put it online - although I do not myself see any reason what so ever to promote a book like that?

I did however read the following - rahter controversial notes:

"However, Leadbeater did not like the
proposed ritual, and submitted it to Arundale for revision. The final
material was said to constitute 'the most powerful occult ritual in the
world'. The seven girls    were kept busy rehearsing their parts in it to
ensure that they were perfect for the day when the Egyptian Rite (ER) would
be inaugurated in the Co-Masonic Temple at Adyar. This was done in 1929,
after the ES had been reopened. The Ritual was formally issued on Christmas
Day, 1931, bearing the imprimatur of Mrs Besant as Grand Master, and a
solemn warning from Arundale, as Grand Secretary, that the ritual text was
the property of the 'SS' (presumably the Sovereign Sanctuary) and 'must be
returned on demand and provision must be made for the   return on the death
of the member'. When not in actual use, the ritual should be kept under lock
and key."

But, I would not think much of it myself.

M. Sufilight

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  Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2011 8:15 AM
  Subject: theos-talk The Occult History of Java, by C.W Leadbeater . anyone knows??

  Hi, I'm newbie...
  I can't speak English sory for my writings error.

  I found difficult to get "The Occult History of Java" book by C.W Leadbeater...

  I've search via internet at Theosophical Publishing House,,,but it aren't there...

  In my country theres some problem about airmail,verification, sending and receiving post from another country (due to high activity of hackers)...
  so I tried to find in digital version (because I dont have to deal with unpleasant service, verification etc in my post office)
  ...but it comes with nothing...

  where do I find such source providing digital version of that book?
  thankyou very much...



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