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Re: theos-talk The $64,000 Question

Jan 02, 2011 10:40 AM
by Martin

What is the title? Maybe a warhead like me can take the essence from it and post 
it on Honestly, I will not infringe copyrights, I will use 
my own anagrammatics, my own style and my own wit. After that you can copy it as 
much as you want, since we are in fact all copytaks...:-)

From: MKR <>
To: theos-talk <>
Sent: Fri, December 31, 2010 4:43:51 PM
Subject: theos-talk The $64,000 Question

The $64,000 Question

I have purchased a book and I need an electronic copy to be loaded to my
computer so that I can read it during my travel/vacation and also I may need
it for reference when I write emails. For love or money, no electronic copy
is available from the publisher/copyright holder. What am I supposed to do?
Just put up with the situation and do nothing?

Let me take another scenario. I find this very expensive book which costs
$95 plus shipping (this is not made up, The Judge Case book published in
Canada costs this much) and I am in a third world country where this is out
of reach to most theosophists and only super rich ones can afford it.

Everyone will argue that we cannot violate copyright laws (which are
designed from a money making point of view and not with a view to
distribution information). On the other hand, every theosophist knows that
for every law, there are exceptions, even though exceptions come with
certain potential costs and risks.

Today, very fast scanners are cheap. If you Google, you will find methods
how with a digital camera, a camera stand and a $3.99 desk lamp and free
software you can scan a book and convert it to a pdf file. If you are
desperate, you may go ahead and get a pdf file made and be prepared to pay
the âKarmicâ and civil price.

In this situation, would it not be nice for theosophical publishers to come
forward and make pdf copies available for free to download from Internet.
This is very cost effective and we can follow the Shareware model in the
computer program industry to support the costs of producing the books.

Will 2011 be the year that electronic publishing of theosophical materials
is going to take off? It is entirely in the hands of elected leaders of
theosophical organizations as well as authors of books. If status quo is
maintained, you will see declining sales of hard copy publications and which
will eventually make traditional theosophical publishing shut down for good.

Let us all pray so that we will all be beneficiaries of electronic copies of
publications in 2011.


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