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Re: theos-talk Videos of 10th International Theosophical Congress is now On-line.

Jan 02, 2011 10:26 AM
by MKR

Update on World Congress Videos

The videos of the program which are on the Italian Section website are of
professional quality and the Section should be congratulated for making it
available to all of us. With the video, you can go back are replay it and
this is very useful to many viewers.

Many lectures are excellent. It would be nice if they are transcribed and a
transcription is posted. I hope the Italian section may be working on it

Once again, visit the videos and enjoy them.


On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 9:40 AM, MKR <> wrote:

> Videos of 10th International Theosophical Congress is now On-line.
> By live streaming of the 10th International Conference, Italian Section
> made
> it for the first time that everyone around the world can see what is going
> on in the congress. Due to time zone difference and other reasons, many
> would have missed many of the sessions. Now, the video recordings of the
> sessions are on-line and can be viewed by anyone with an Internet
> connection
> and it is all Free.
> Italian section should be congratulated in showing to everyone what is
> possible with todayâs technology. It is my wish and hope that the
> International Conventions and Conventions of all Sections and special
> occasions, one day will be available for all of us to watch.
> I think, members would love to see live streaming of the next International
> Convention and also later making the videos available in Adyar website.
> Technology is available today in Chennai, where Adyar is located, to do it
> as it is becoming a routine affair for Indian Weddings live streamed for
> the
> benefit of relatives and friends who are unable to attend personally. Now
> it
> is up to the movers and shakers to move. We still have one full year to go.
> The World Congress videos can be accessed at the link below. By the way,
> you
> need to register at the website to access and registration is free.
> <,346>
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