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Re: Decode,

Jan 01, 2011 09:22 AM
by thalprin

Maybe next he can tell us why Cleopatra married Caesar and that it had nothing to do their basic customs of the time and everything to do with her being a bewitching pagan slut.

Or, maybe he can tell us how Da Vinci wrote backwards not because many cultures did at that time AND simply because ooooh it's just so darn mysterious.

Or, or, or, sheesh, sorry, but, it's so I dunno stupid it is funny.  

--- In, "thalprin" <thalprin@...> wrote:
> Been watching Decoded this morning, Brad Metlzer's new TV program.  His programs sure are familiar.  It's weird when/if you watch somethng that basically mirrors your own historical research from a few years back - except that he always seems to twist the topic and mismark the historical points; the statue of liberty, the civil war, the assas. of lincoln - he says he collects stories, well, I guess that he does a/b what I think is most interesting is his listing in wikipedia that states he's worked for not only Dark Horse a/b CIA, FBI (think tank) in 2008.
> Maybe that's why he takes to miss the mark so much.
> Terrie

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