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Jan 01, 2011 06:03 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear Max and friends

My views are:

The words quoted said:
"A forum completely independent of
control by established theosophical organizations."

This is not quite true and not quite honest. How can any moderator or any forum be "completely" independant of moral or stance on altruism?

If this forum has any moral aims, we aught to ask ourselves which they are and whether they aught to be - much more - openly forwarded?

The new moderator MKR have already written a bit on what they are, when he arrived. I already back then asked some question on the issue, but got no answer.

So my questions are still being asked.
If we refuse to ask them I will have to question what moral or altruistic stance the refusers are promoting if any?
And the questions are especially being asked to the members of this forum, who are themselves members of various theosophical groups or ofshoots thereof. What are their stance morally with regard to the aims of this forum and - also - the theosophical groups the are members of?

Read the below links carefully, if you have not already done so, if you want to understand this issue better.


*** A ***
The Original Programe of the Theosophical Society is given here by Pasadena theosophists:

"Preamble of the T.S. Dated October 30, 1875"

*** B ***
H. P. Blavatsky's own version of the Original Programe  of the Theosophical Society is given here in The Blavatsky Collected Writings:

(Blavatsky Collected Writings, Volume 7 Page 145 )

*** C ***
The Original Programe of the Theosophical Society is given in january 1891 before H. P. Blavatsky died:
The Theosophist - January 1891
"1. The title of this Society, which was formed at New York, United States of America, on the 17th of November 1875, is the "Theosophical Society." 

2. The Theosophical Society is an International Body. 

3. The objects of the Theosophical Society are: First. - To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour. Second. - To promote the study of Aryan and other Eastern literatures, religions, philosophies and sciences, and to demonstrate their importance to Humanity. Third. - To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the psychic powers latent in man. 

4. The Theosophical Society is absolutely unsectarian, and no assent to any formula of belief, faith or creed shall be required as a qualification of membership; but every applicant and member must lie in sympathy with the effort to create the nucleus of an Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. 

5. The Society does not interfere with caste rules, nor other social observances, nor with politics, and any such interference in its name is a breach of the constitution. The Society is not responsible for the personal opinions of its Fellows. "


1. Any Fellow who shall in any way attempt to involve the Society In political disputes shall be immediately expelled.

2. No Fellow, Officer, or Council of the Theosophical Society, or of any Section or Branch thereof, shall promulgate or maintain any doctrinas being that advanced, or advocated by the Society. "

*** D ***

Rules of the Theosophical Society in Australia 2010

*** E ***
The Present Day - Constitution of the Theosophical Society - Adyar, 2007, as far as I have learned it. I only found the 2007 version on the Internet. 
They might be revised further within a few weeks because of the recent Convent in Adyar.

1997 as amended 2005, 2006

Why versions 2008 and 2009 are not online, we can only wonder about. And various earliere versions as well. I could not find them, and I might have overlooked them.

The words, terms and sentences on members having "no dogmas", being "unsecterian", having no involvement in politics, promoting no doctrinas on behalf of the society seem to have vanished without any clarification - by any leading theosophist somewhere since 1891 and until today - and was already gone from the Rules and Regulations and the Constitution in 1905 it seems.

When we compare *** E *** with *** C ***, as well as *** A *** and *** B *** in the above we wonder why the present day Theosophical Society in Adyar have deviated from the Original Programe?

 On Theos-talk. - And when we compare *** C *** with this forum named Theos-talk we might wonder why this forum are based on a moral level, which operates in such a morally blurred manner? Or am I mistaken?

- - -

To Max:
I Do hope that this answer clarified the issue to your satisfaction as well as others interests?

M. Sufilight

Further info can be found here when in need:
The Theosophical Society (Adyar)
Members Area (open for anyone it appears)

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  Subject: theos-talk Re: WHO SPEAKS FOR THEOSOPHY?


  Dear Sufilight,

  I cannot understand why you are raising on this forum the issue of
  following the original TS programme. The forum's description reads:

  "Discussion on topics regarding Theosophy (or theosophy) and its 
  realization in the modern world. A forum completely independent of
  control by established theosophical organizations."

  It does not say that forum members should be theosophists, whatever
  it means, and does not claim this forum to be theosophical. So,
  what's your problem?


  --- In, "M. Sufilight" <global-theosophy@...> wrote:
  > Dear friends
  > My views are:
  > Yeah. Good points William.
  > To me the central issue is whether one follows the ORIGINAL Programe for The Theosophical Society (the Constitution given in 1875-1891) - or - not.
  > And if one does not follow this Original Programe of The Theosophical Society - if will continously have to ask: - WHY NOT?
  > The same question will be forwarded again and again on various forums claiming to be theosophical.
  > I wonder why silence seem to be the best answer most people have to offer on this issue - especially when they call themselves theosophist or seekers of Ancient Wisdom?
  > M. Sufilight


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