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Re: The $64,000 Question

Dec 31, 2010 09:38 AM
by thalprin

Actually, as a Society with a publishing house and a/its stable of writers mainly being foundational members I'd check your Society' original articles, pertaining to early materials, if I were you.

Given that lodges have self autonomy it may well be that these copyrights, for early/foundational materials, are owned by (or excepted for,) the Society, dunno.  


--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> The $64,000 Question
> I have purchased a book and I need an electronic copy to be loaded to my
> computer so that I can read it during my travel/vacation and also I may need
> it for reference when I write emails. For love or money, no electronic copy
> is available from the publisher/copyright holder. What am I supposed to do?
> Just put up with the situation and do nothing?
> Let me take another scenario. I find this very expensive book which costs
> $95 plus shipping (this is not made up, The Judge Case book published in
> Canada costs this much) and I am in a third world country where this is out
> of reach to most theosophists and only super rich ones can afford it.
> Everyone will argue that we cannot violate copyright laws (which are
> designed from a money making point of view and not with a view to
> distribution information). On the other hand, every theosophist knows that
> for every law, there are exceptions, even though exceptions come with
> certain potential costs and risks.
> Today, very fast scanners are cheap. If you Google, you will find methods
> how with a digital camera, a camera stand and a $3.99 desk lamp and free
> software you can scan a book and convert it to a pdf file. If you are
> desperate, you may go ahead and get a pdf file made and be prepared to pay
> the â??Karmicâ?? and civil price.
> In this situation, would it not be nice for theosophical publishers to come
> forward and make pdf copies available for free to download from Internet.
> This is very cost effective and we can follow the Shareware model in the
> computer program industry to support the costs of producing the books.
> Will 2011 be the year that electronic publishing of theosophical materials
> is going to take off? It is entirely in the hands of elected leaders of
> theosophical organizations as well as authors of books. If status quo is
> maintained, you will see declining sales of hard copy publications and which
> will eventually make traditional theosophical publishing shut down for good.
> Let us all pray so that we will all be beneficiaries of electronic copies of
> publications in 2011.
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