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Adyar Convention Bulletin - Dec 31, 2010 (Sixth Day)

Dec 31, 2010 03:38 AM
by MKR

The daily Bulletin of Adyar Convention for the sixth day, December 31, 2010
is now on the Adyar website.

There is a summary of a lecture by Radha Burnier, International President,
on the topic of âWho am I?â. There are also summaries of talks by:

Vinanyak Pandya
R Revathy
L Nagesh.

It is good to see many new lecturers this year. We need new blood and this
is a good start.

There is also a mention of a Q&A session participated by Radha Burnier,
Colin Price, Olande Ananda and Pedro Oliveira. The convention also had a DVD
screening of J Krishnamurtiâs lecture.

On a personal note, when Krishnaji was alive, he had his Chennai lectures at
the same time as the International Convention (not  at TS Campus) and most
of the delegates used to attend his lecture. It was how I was able to attend
his lecture for the first time and got my introduction to him.

The delegate count as of 31st is 1,432.

You can read the full bulletin at:



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