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Re: theos-talk Electronic version of theosophical books

Dec 29, 2010 09:37 AM
by John W

A very careful search on Google has failed the disclose the existence of any scanned electronic editions (whether as image files, PDF, DJVU, DOC, or RTF) of any of the following books which were requested in the last few days:

"Clairvoyant Investigations of Christian Origins and Ceremonial" - G Hodson

"Light of the Sanctuary" - The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson

"One Hundred Years of Theosophy" - Joy Mills

"Commentary On The Mahatma Letters"  - Joy Mills

If anyone has them, believed to be out-of-print, they should be scanning projects to be looked at.

John W.

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Subject: theos-talk Electronic version of theosophical books
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      Has anyone seen pdf version of the following:

100 Years of Theosophy

Commentary on Mahatma Letters

Both are by Joy MIlls.

Looks like theosophical publishers are in no mood to provide pdf files. Just

the typical organizational thinking. Longer they wait, more likely they will

fall victim to low cost high speed scanners in the market!




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