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Adyar Convention Bulletin - Dec 29, 2010 (Fourth Day)

Dec 29, 2010 07:13 AM
by MKR

The Adyar Convention Bulletin 4 is now online at the Adyar website.

It contains summary of lectures by:

Olande Ananda
N R Narayana Murthy
Colin Price
C A Shinde

Also an account of the TOS activities is there.

A summary of the activities of TS mostly in South American countries can be
found in the Bulletin.

There are two significant facts that I noticed. The first one was that in
Chile, electronic publications are well received. Should this surprise
anyone in todayâs electronic world? Continued, obsolete thinking of key
decision makers in TS around the world makes them cling to the print model
and in todayâs world, electronic publications are well received, not to
mention the very low cost and also the world-wide immediate distribution as
well as updating of the material. Putting out electronic publication is one
time effort and lasts for ever. One more tool to broadcast the message of
theosophy. Just today, one theosophist was inquiring on theos-talk if
Hodsonâs Light on the Sanctuary is available in electronic form. Probably
not, unless it has been scanned and circulated privately. It is time to open
the eyes and see what current technology can do for theosophy.

The second item that caught my eye was the membership in Singapore lodge.
This single lodge has 366 members; more than many Sections around the world.
The lodge should be doing something right and it is time that rest of the
world visit the lodge and find out the secret of their success, instead of
justifying why membership is low in the West.

The current report of the delegates is 1,424, which is very good. Of course,
most of the members are from India, which has the largest Section.

You can read and enjoy the full bulletin at:



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