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Global Warming, Global Cooling,

Dec 28, 2010 10:03 AM
by thalprin

I really enjoyed that chat, it was fun, they come to town from Boston to visit his hubby's family.

The thing about nature is that she's much more primal and yet also advanced, and she's not without her instincts, temper and temperment, history and a very longlife of experience.

Best advise is not to mess with her home or her kids, she gets pretty fussy about that.

On the other hand when/if you get the chance to be one of her brood (only the genuinue hearted do) it's probably the best family in town and the very best schooling too.

Really nature is the next largest be-ing for man to explore/know and in typical fashion relationships are a twoway street.

I watch the weather, tells me a lot about what's going on AND how she's feeling or thinking, doing or deciding about one thing or another.  

It, certainly, isn't always good news a/b still good to know.


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