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Adyar Convention Bulletin - Dec 27, 2010 (Second Day)

Dec 27, 2010 06:38 AM
by MKR

Eight page Daily Bulletin for the second day of the Convention is on the
Adyar website and is informative and would be welcomed by everyone.

It contains summaries of talks by:

Linda Oliveira
John Vorstermans
S Sundaram
R C Tampi
Chong Sanne

There is also a list of General Secretaries and representatives attending
the convention. The attendance this year is much better than last year
(especially from the West) and we will have to see what critical decisions
were taken at the General Council meeting held on December 25. As usual, no
one has so far has said anything about what happened in the meeting.

Bulletin has a summary of activities in various countries. Two things that
jumped out were the fact that Indian Section now has 12,597 members and that
the Section has several National Lecturers and others visiting Lodges.

Considering the fact that Indian Section does not have much funds, this is
commendable. The National Lecturer visits may have significant role  in the
continuing membership growth of the Indian Section compared to continuing
shrinking of membership in countries outside India.

For example, in San Antonio, Texas, (7th largest city in USA) where I live,
we have never seen any National Lecturer nor the National President for
years. This in spite of the fact that the American Section is one of the

Yesterday I commented about the need for the bulletin to have news about
other interesting events happening at Adyar on the second day of Convention.
I hope, future bulletins would address this.

Overall, you will enjoy reading the bulletin which can be accessed at:


M K Ramadoss

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