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Adyar Convention Bulletin - Dec 26, 2010

Dec 26, 2010 07:52 AM
by MKR

For the first time in TS history, members around the world are able to keep
up with the daily happenings at the International Convention through the
daily bulletin that is posted at the Adyar Website.

Here is the link:


Eight page pdf file bulletin for the Inaugural day - 26th December is highly
welcome. It contains the Presidentâs Address in full and in my opinion, it
is excellent.

What I would have liked to see are brief accounts of other lectures and
significant happenings of the day, in addition.

In the bulletin, there is the mention of the periodicals published from
Adyar, namely-

The Theosophist (Monthly)
Adyar Newsletter (Quarterly)
Wakeup India (Quarterly)
Theosophy Digest (Quarterly)

Most of us outside India, have not seen any of the above, except the
Theosophist unless one has access to a good theosophical library. It would
be nice if all of the above are released as pdf files, as they are
published, so that world-wide membership can keep up with them.

This brings another aspect of the issue of access to Adyar periodicals.
Recently, a very small group of theosophists have scanned and made early
issues of Theosophist and Lucifer available on Internet at
This demonstrated the doability of scanning and uploading past issues of
magazines in a very small budget. This is a one-time job for posterity. I
hope the authorities at Adyar will look into making this happen soon. The
group which worked on material at can share their
experience for the project.

Enjoy the bulletin.


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