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Re: theos-talk Qualifications For Chelaship

Dec 26, 2010 08:37 AM
by Drpsionic

Strikes me as a lot of work for dubious results.
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 12/25/2010 8:22:02 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Dear friends,
Thanks MKR.
Important words indeed from  HPB.

There is also another article, by Mohini Chaterjee, that is among  those
texts in the esoteric literature which deserve being read once  and
again .... It is published at

_ ( _http://www.esoteric-philosophy.com_ 
( _> with the  title:

<_ ( 
( _>

The Four Accomplishments  and the

Six Qualifications In True Discipleship

The direct link  is:
_ ( 
( _
<_ ( 
( _>

As the editor writes in the  headnote:

"The text clearly describes what discipleship is about. It  also
provides a basis for a useful self-examination on the part of  those
students who aspire for inner learning."

Best regards,  Joaquim

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( , MKR <mkr777@...>  wrote:
> Lucifer Magazine which has been scanned and uploaded  recently to
>, is a gold mine for the earnest  inquirer.
> I ran into the following relating to Chelaship.  There seems to be a
lot of
> confusion about Chelaship and mistaken  ideas and practices surround
> especially when one becomes a  member of any organized group, whether
> publicly known or not. Here is  what HPB has to say, and she puts it
> clearly. (Lucifer, Vol  IV, No. 22, June 1989, pp.348)
> ÃâÅChelaship has nothing  whatever to do with means of subsistence
or anything
> of the kind,  for a man can isolate his mind entirely from his body and
>  surroundings. Chelaship is a stale of mind rather than a life
according  to
> hard and fast rules on the physical plane. This applies especia11y  to
> earlier, probationary period, while the rules given in  Lucifer for
> last pertain properly to a later stage, that of  actual occult training
> the development of occult powers and  insight.
> These rules indicate, however, the mode of life which  ought to be
> by all aspirants so far as practicable, since  it is the most helpful
to them
> in their  aspirations.
> It should never be forgotten that Occultism is  concerned with the
inner man
> who must be strengthened and freed  from the dominion of the physical
> and its surroundings, which  must become his servants.
> Hence the first and chief necessity  of Chelaship is a spirit of
> unselfishness and devotion to  Truth; then follow self-knowledge and
> self-mastery. These are  all-important; while outward observance of
> rules of life is a  matter of secondary moment.
> Woman has as good a chance as any  man has to reach high Adeptship. Why
> does not succeed in this  direction in Europe is simply due to her
> education and the  social prejudice which causes her to be regarded as
> inferior to man.  This prejudice, amounting to a curse in Christian
> was mainly  derived _from the Jewish Bible, and man has profited  by
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