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Re: HPB on Chelaship - Lucifer Magazine - June 1989

Dec 25, 2010 09:37 PM
by email2cal

Yeah, right, chelaship and Adeptship... Usually driven by a strong
desire to gain and possess... A readiness to fit into a functionally
specialized role or a scheme of things in exchange for some benefits.

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Lucifer Magazine which has been scanned and uploaded recently to
>, is a gold mine for the earnest inquirer.
> I ran into the following relating to Chelaship. There seems to be a
lot of
> confusion about Chelaship and mistaken ideas and practices surround
> especially when one becomes a member of any organized group, whether
> publicly known or not. Here is what HPB has to say, and she puts it
> clearly. (Lucifer, Vol IV, No. 22, June 1989, pp.348)
> â??Chelaship has nothing whatever to do with means of subsistence
or anything
> of the kind, for a man can isolate his mind entirely from his body and
> surroundings. Chelaship is a stale of mind rather than a life
according to
> hard and fast rules on the physical plane. This applies especia11y to
> earlier, probationary period, while the rules given in Lucifer for
> last pertain properly to a later stage, that of actual occult training
> the development of occult powers and insight.
> These rules indicate, however, the mode of life which ought to be
> by all aspirants so far as practicable, since it is the most helpful
to them
> in their aspirations.
> It should never be forgotten that Occultism is concerned with the
inner man
> who must be strengthened and freed from the dominion of the physical
> and its surroundings, which must become his servants.
> Hence the first and chief necessity of Chelaship is a spirit of
> unselfishness and devotion to Truth; then follow self-knowledge and
> self-mastery. These are all-important; while outward observance of
> rules of life is a matter of secondary moment.
> Woman has as good a chance as any man has to reach high Adeptship. Why
> does not succeed in this direction in Europe is simply due to her
> education and the social prejudice which causes her to be regarded as
> inferior to man. This prejudice, amounting to a curse in Christian
> was mainly derived from the Jewish Bible, and man has profited by
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